2016 World Teachers Day With The Theme: ” Valuing Teachers,  lmproving their Status”

This year World  teachers’Day marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption  of 1966 ILO/UNESCO recommendation concerning  the status of teachersc. it is also the first World Teachers’Day (WTD) to be celebrated  with the new Global  Education  2030 Agenda  adopted  by the World community  one year ago. 

This year’s Theme  ,”Valuing Teachers  ,Improving their Attitude ” , embodies  the  fundamental  principles of the Fifty –  year old Recommendation while  shining  light on the need to support  teachers as reflected  In the Agenda’s Sustrainable Development  Goals (SDGs) A specific  education goal, SDH4 pledges to ” Ensure inclusive  and equitable  quality  education and life long learning opportunities for all”

Teachers are not only pivotal  to the  right to education  they  are key to achieving  the target set out in SDG4 .
The roadmap  for the new agenda  , the Education 2030 framework  for the  Action , highlights the fact  that teachers are fundemental for equitable  and quality education and such,  must be”adequetely trained,  recruited and remunerated, motivated and supported  within well-known resourced efficient  and effectively governed  system “.

However,  In order to achieve  this goal  is necessary not only substantialially increase  the supply  of qualified  teachers  but to motivate  by valuing their  work by 2030, 3.2 million more teachers will be required  to achieve  universal primary  education  and 5: 1 million  more in order to achieve  universal  lower  secondary  education. 

UNESCO  with the WTF convening agencies  UP,  UNICEF,  UNDO and EI and the  International  Task force  on Teachers dedicates  this day to celebrating  a unique Intergovernmental  commitment-  the only international  standard  -setting  instrument on Teachers -. and reaffirms it commitment  to the value of the profession. 


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