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Earth Tremor  Hit Kaduna  State — Environmental Watch Magazine

Earth tremors were recorded in Sainbang Dagi Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State on Sunday and early Monday leaving score of people displaced Nadir el-Rufai , governor of the State, said the National Geogolical Agency hard been notified and invited to investigate the tremors and provide appropriate guidance . While the report of the […]

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The Significant  of Eid Al-Adhu 

Eid Al-Adhu  literally  mean the festival  of the Sacrifice , referring  to the story of Abraham  or Ibraham as he’s  also known  who was ready  to sacrifice  the life of his son  at the command of Allah,  God After testing  Abraham’s devotion,  switched  the  object of Sacrifice  to a sheep instead of his son  . This is the reason why  this day also called Bakar Eid 

Muslims usually  symbolically  sacrifice  goats  , lambs and other animals in the name of Allah and is a respect  to Abraham’s willingness  to make the ultimate  sacrifice. 

The meat from the sacrificed animal is considered  pious  and distributed  among friends  and family .

Governor Udom Constitutes Boards And Commissions – See Full List

Government of Akwa Ibom State Of Nigeria

Office of The Secretary to the State Government

Press Release

his Excellency , Mr Udom Emmanuel , Governor of Akwa Ibom State has approved the appointment of Chairman and Members of  Boards and Commissions with immediate effect as follows.



1. Dr. (Mrs) Akin Eyakenyi – Chairman

2.Dr ( Mrs) Eno Patrick Ebong- Member

3.Dr I.B Usoroh – Member

4.Dr Samuel Edet – Member

5. Dr Uwendimo Eyo Okon – Member


1.Mrs. Regina Godwin Ikpatt- Chairman

2. Dr. Enobong Joshua- Member

3.Hon. Vincent George -Member

4. Mr. Blaise Awakama- Member

5. Dr. Samuel Offiong Okurebia- Member

6. Obonganwan Marsh Abia- Member



1.Sir. Val Attach – Chairman

2. Rt. Hon Nsikak Ebong- Member

3. Hon. Ufot Sunday- Member

4. Mr Ekpuk Eshiet- Member

5. Emmanuel Justus Ntuk- Member

6. Hon. Godwin Ekpo -Member


1.His Lordship Chief Judge of Akwa Ibom State

2.Hon. Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice

3. Barr. Bassey Dan Abia (Jnr)- Member

4. Hon. Aniekan Okon Akpan- Member

5.Mrs. Itoro Etim – Member

6. Barr.Edet Atadav- Member


1. Mr. Sunny Akpadiaha -Chairman

2. Hon. Ekpedeme Akpa- Member

3. Hon .Iboro Udom – Member

4. Hon. Bassey Eyibo Essien – Member

5 Mrs. Kenim Onofiok – Member


1.Hon. Imoh Udobia – Chairman

2.Mr. Miochal Akpan – Member

3.Hon. Dan James Adasi- Member

4.Arc. Aniefiok Smith- Member

5. Arc. Aniefiok Smith- Member

6. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education Member


1.Prof. Maria Ikorok – Chairman

2. Bernard Duncanv- Member

3. Otuekong Raphael Bassey- Member

4. Director Representing Ministry of Education Ex- Officio

5. Director representing Ministry of Justice Ex-officio Member

6. Director representing Ministry of local Government and Chieftaincy Affair- Ex Officio Member


1.Barr. Comfort Etuk – Chairman

2. Hon. George Henshaw – Member

3. Obongawan  Lovinah Umoefa – Member

4. Hon Biatus Udofia- Member

5. Mrs Mboho Udofit – Member


1. Bishop Anwana Unwanta- Member

2.Hon. Uno Etim Uno – Membet

3. Mrs. Essien Ubeng – Member

4. Madam Ebiere Etukudo – Member

5. Mr. Francis INYANG – Member

These appointments constitute the first  phase of Boards appointment , the second phase will be announced in due course 


Sir Etekamba Umoren

Secretary to the State Government

Ikot Ekpene – Aba Road For Urgent Attention


Photo credit by Francis Xavier



Photo by Francis Xavier

by Utibe Udo

In I986, Mr Sam Eyo published a book, The Road to Bar Beach, I had long forgotten this beautiful book until I travelled to Aba yesterday .As we battled through the flood , navigated through the thick forest and resultant traffic. I never waited to be told that I was already con the road to bar beach.

The deplorable state of federal roads in  the South  South and South East , especially Ikot Ekpene – Aba Road and Calabar – Itu road is the neglect snubbism  and insensitivity of some terribly masquerading people in government we have seen over the years.Professor China  Achebe  in one of his celebrated books The Trouble with Nigeria said , That the Trouble with Nigeria is (poor ) Leadership.

My experience yesterday along Ikot Ekpene -Aba road was hellish , better to be told than experienced , the clock ,struck 9 pm . we were still at Aba navigating through the thick dark forest, praying with sealed lips and enduring the mercy – go – round journey with hope of landing Ikot Ekpene, the raffia city ,truly my prayer through out that terrible journey was,” though I walk through the shadow of death , I shall fear no evil…”

In the end,we had to battle through the flood and the resultant traffic ,Once we landed the raffia City ,Ikot Ekpene , sure , I knew that I had return from the Road to Bar Breach.

I was not outside this country Nigeria , a country so rich and economically powerful but such where her federal roads usher in innocent passages to worse on their Democratic government a government that does not recognise the common people who are indeed to them the very fantastic and glaring objects of exploitation and abuses.

What we have had over the years have been this stage of hypocrisy on the society that knows only the rich , the smart and the fast . those who came into power through prebendalism  and godfatherism . What we all  democracy in Nigeria is without correct definition, far from Abraham Lincoln views of government of the by  people  by the people and for the people, where a people are disconnected as a result of bad road is democracy well expressed? Where the basic needs of people are ignored is democracy well expressed?

The thrust of this was to bring to government attention the need to look into the deplorable state of federal roads in Nigeria , There is no industrialization without good roads!

Udo Utibe,A contemporary Writer ,a Poet , an Author  of many Books and The former National Coordinator Annang Heritage Preservation Incoperated (AHPI) Wrote from Essien Udim .
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